Dedicated to equality for all adoptees.

The Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights is a coalition of state and national organizations with a singular focus: restoring the unrestricted right of all Georgia adult adoptees to obtain their own original birth certificates (OBC) upon request. Each partner in the coalition commits in writing to that bottom line. Coalition partners will not support or consider provisions in OBC-related bills that discriminate against adult adoptees.

Top 3 Reasons Why Georgia Should Restore Original Birth Certificate Rights to Adult Adoptees:

  1. Equality
    If not adopted, adoptees would have the right to obtain their original birth certificate. Being relinquished (i.e. orphaned or foster care) does not cause records to be sealed, being adopted does.
  2. Privacy
    Consumer DNA is the alternative but it is very public and does not allow for private, sensitive communication between adoptees and their first families.
  3. Healing
    Thousands of adoptees, birth parents, adoptive families, and professional organizations all agree that truth and transparency are vital and promote healing.

Adoptee Rights are Human Rights.

“I have the right to know the full and accurate details of my birth, just like every non-adopted U.S. citizen. “

Nikki, Adoptee

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