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Coalition Partners

Adoptee Rights Law Center

The Adoptee Rights Law Center provides advocacy and legal representation exclusively to adult adoptees who seek to obtain their own original birth certificates, identifying information, or U.S. citizenship.

Adoptees United

Adoptees United is a national nonprofit tax-exempt organization with an unwavering commitment to equality for all adopted people.

The Family Preservation Project

The Family Preservation Project is an online parenting resource and adoption education database. Its mission is to connect expectant moms to resources during temporary hardships in order to preserve their
families and not separate them.

Signed, Sealed, Adopted.

Signed, Sealed, Adopted. is a project of Jamie Weiss, an adopted person and adoptee advocate who is dedicated to elevating adoptee voices and modifying adoption laws and practices.

Saving Our Sisters

Saving Our Sisters is dedicated to supporting all members of expectant families considering adoption. SOS focuses on ensuring families do not apply a permanent solution to a temporary situation.

If you are part of an organization who would like to join us in our efforts to restore equal rights to adoptees and Organizations who wish to pledge your support  our equality efforts, please email us at

Adoptee Rights are Human Rights

“Open records are important to me because it would mean adoptees have equal rights in proving their citizenship as guaranteed by the 14th amendment of the Constitution. No state should have the right to indefinitely seal the proof of a citizen’s birth record.”

Katie, Georgia First Mom