2024 Session Update

We wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update. SB 64 remains an active bill in Georgia’s General Assembly during this two-year session. The bill passed the Georgia Senate unanimously in 2023, so this session it will only need to make it’s way through the Georgia House of Representatives.

The House does not often take up bills from the opposite chamber until close to or after Crossover Day, February 29th this year, which is why there is currently no action on the bill. (But, you should know that there is still a lot going on behind the scenes to educate legislators about the bill and why it is so important!)

After Crossover, SB 64 will begin in the House Judiciary Committee before it can proceed to the full House for a vote. That must happen before Sine Die, the end of the session, March 29, 2024.

We will soon need your help again contacting House members. If you have not already, please sign up to receive calls to action at https://gaallianceforadopteerights.org/join-us/ and stay tuned for updates on this page.

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