Action Alert! Urge a House Vote on SB64

SB64 has experienced great success through the Georgia Senate and in House Committees, but it still has not been scheduled for a House floor vote.

We urgently need your help in contacting ALL House members, by phone and email, to ask them to support SB64 and to urge Rules Chairman Parrish and Speaker Burns to bring it to the House for a vote!

Urge a House Vote on SB64

Whether you are an adoptee, a biological parent, an adoptive parent, or a supporter/loved one of an adoptee, here is what we need you to do:

We are asking all of our supporters to call representatives in the Georgia House asking them to support SB64 and urge a vote on the House Floor. If you live in GA and are a constituent, please be sure to say so and also include your city or town so that your Representative will prioritize your support.

Representative ____________________,

I am a [ADOPTEE, BIRTH PARENT, ADOPTIVE PARENT, FRIEND OF ADOPTEE, ETC]. I am asking for your SUPPORT of SB 64, which will restore the right of adult adopted persons to their own original birth certificate, and asking you to urge Chairman Parrish and Speaker Burns to bring SB64 to the floor for a vote.

Delaying the vote on SB64 only prolongs the uncertainty and frustration experienced by adoptees who are seeking vital information about their origins. Every day that passes without action on this bill is a missed opportunity to uphold the rights and dignity of adoptees in Georgia.

I urge you to stand on the side of fairness and compassion by supporting SB64 and advocating for its swift passage. By doing so, you will not only make a positive impact on the lives of countless adoptees and their families but also uphold the values of transparency and equality that our state holds in high regard.


IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: Please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied. If you do not live in GA, include your connection to the bill or how you are affected. (i.e. Georgia born adoptee, biological or adoptive parents of a Georgia-born adoptee, supporter/loved one of an adoptee, concerned citizen, etc.)

If you receive a response from a representative, please let us know what you hear. We can then follow up with the representative if they need more information or are unfamiliar with the bill. Contact us at to let us know.

2024 Session Update

We wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update. SB 64 remains an active bill in Georgia’s General Assembly during this two-year session. The bill passed the Georgia Senate unanimously in 2023, so this session it will only need to make it’s way through the Georgia House of Representatives.

The House does not often take up bills from the opposite chamber until close to or after Crossover Day, February 29th this year, which is why there is currently no action on the bill. (But, you should know that there is still a lot going on behind the scenes to educate legislators about the bill and why it is so important!)

After Crossover, SB 64 will begin in the House Judiciary Committee before it can proceed to the full House for a vote. That must happen before Sine Die, the end of the session, March 29, 2024.

We will soon need your help again contacting House members. If you have not already, please sign up to receive calls to action at and stay tuned for updates on this page.

The Work Continues

Friends of GAAR,

SB64 gained great exposure and momentum in Georgia’s 2023 legislative session. We got through the Senate Children & Families committee, the full Senate, and House Judicial committee unanimously and everyone’s effort brought us the farthest it’s ever gone in Georgia!

We appreciate the support from every Georgia General Assembly member who voted for the bill! We appreciate Senator Randy (and Theresa) Robertson and Representative Beth Camp advocating and championing SB64. We appreciate each one of you for calling, emailing, and speaking with your Senators and Representatives. We appreciate all of the organizations who stood behind us and supported the bill this session. And we appreciate the GAAR board members who have worked tirelessly preparing for this effort.

One very important point to understand is that SB 64 is not dead. It is still alive and will start back in the House rules committee to be scheduled for the House floor next January. Although we wanted SB 64 so incredibly badly to have passed the House and gone onto Governor Kemp’s desk for signature this year, we have another chance to pass a clean adoption reform bill in Georgia!

In 2024, we will be even stronger and will have more time to educate and rally all of the legislators. We ask that all of you please join us to continue to fight for adoptee rights and help get us to the finish line. We can’t do it without you!

If you would like to serve in a greater capacity in 2024 for GAAR, please email us at

Our work is not finished until all adult adoptees in Georgia can obtain their original birth certificate upon request. Period.


About Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights

The Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights is a coalition of state and national organizations with a singular focus: restoring the unrestricted right of all Georgia adult adoptees to obtain their own original birth certificates (OBC) upon request.

We’re Halfway There!

Senate bill 64 passed unanimously in the Georgia Senate on March 6th (crossover day), with a 54-0 vote. The bill restores the right for adopted persons (18 years+) to obtain their original birth certificate.

Senator Randy Robertson (R-Cataula) presented the clean bill to the full Senate and there was no opposition and no questions presented. (Except about where the Senator’s eccentric shoes originated from!)

Senator Robertson was a champion for this bill in the senate and garnered 18 co-sponsors from the initial introduction. On the Senate floor Senator Robertson said, “All I want to do is give these people (adopted persons) the same opportunity as us in knowing who they are.”

The bill will now crossover to the House of Representatives and when it passes there, the bill would be enacted at the time of the Governor’s signature.

Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights will keep you posted with sponsor and committee information, as well as any call-to-actions.

SB64 presented at 50:30

About Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights

The Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights is a coalition of state and national organizations with a singular focus: restoring the unrestricted right of all Georgia adult adoptees to obtain their own original birth certificates (OBC) upon request.