We’re Halfway There!

Senate bill 64 passed unanimously in the Georgia Senate on March 6th (crossover day), with a 54-0 vote. The bill restores the right for adopted persons (18 years+) to obtain their original birth certificate.

Senator Randy Robertson (R-Cataula) presented the clean bill to the full Senate and there was no opposition and no questions presented. (Except about where the Senator’s eccentric shoes originated from!)

Senator Robertson was a champion for this bill in the senate and garnered 18 co-sponsors from the initial introduction. On the Senate floor Senator Robertson said, “All I want to do is give these people (adopted persons) the same opportunity as us in knowing who they are.”

The bill will now crossover to the House of Representatives and when it passes there, the bill would be enacted at the time of the Governor’s signature.

Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights will keep you posted with sponsor and committee information, as well as any call-to-actions.

SB64 presented at 50:30

About Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights

The Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights is a coalition of state and national organizations with a singular focus: restoring the unrestricted right of all Georgia adult adoptees to obtain their own original birth certificates (OBC) upon request.

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